1 Mar 2014


Speed (stylized as SPEED) is an Okinawan female vocal/dance group comprising Hiroko Shimabukuro, Eriko Imai, Takako Uehara and Hitoe Arakaki. All four members are former students of Okinawa Actors School.

Speed made their major label debut on August 5, 1996 and became an immediate success. They would eventually become the most successful girl group anywhere in Asia with sales of over 20 million singles and albums in just three years and eight months. They disbanded on March 31, 2000 to pursue solo careers & to study.

Following their disbandment, the group reunited several times for charity, but on August 20, 2008 they officially announced plans to reunite permanently.] They made their comeback on November 12, 2008 with the single "Ashita no Sora."

Eriko Imai (今井絵理子) : 22 September 1983
Hiroko Shimabukuro (島袋寛子): 7 April 1984
Takako Uehara (上原多香子): 14 Januari 1983
Hitoe Arakaki (新垣仁絵): 7 April 1981